2023-2025 Curriculum

Over the 2 years of the course students will undertake four main modules. In order to facilitate a fresh intake of students each year, the course will combine two modules in Year A and two in Year B, with the order in which Years A and B are taken being interchangeable.

Year A

Delivered by: David Gibson

This module will introduce students to everything that is involved in reading the Bible well in order to teach and preach it well to others. It will be delivered by focusing on four key areas.

Delivered by: Duncan Ryan

These sessions will walk through the great storyline of Scripture, equipping us to teach the Bible’s historical narrative.

Delivered by: Jeremy McQuoid

We will work through the text of Hebrews, honing in on particular passages that reveal how Christ fulfils Old Testament types, with a special emphasis on tabernacle, High Priest and day of atonement theology.

Delivered by: Jeremy Middleton

This ‘preaching lab’ will familiarise students with ‘prophetic’ ministry as it finds expression in the Bible and, in particular, with those books of the Bible which are identified with the prophets: the aim is to equip students capably and eagerly to handle the Bible’s prophetic literature.

Year B

Delivered by: Duncan Ryan

This module will seek to understand the pattern of Gospel ministry given to us by Christ, and the implications for us as His ministers.

Delivered by: David Gibson

This module will introduce students to the books of Job, Song of Songs, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes as part of the Bible’s wisdom literature.

Delivered by: Jeremy Middleton

This module walks students carefully through the final book of the Old Testament, setting it in its historical and canonical context and highlighting the ways in which it constitutes a bridge between the Old and New Testaments.

Delivered by: Jeremy McQuoid

Epistles are more difficult to interpret than we first imagine. We are second hand observers of someone else’s correspondence.

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