Over the 2 years of the course students will undertake four main modules. In order to facilitate a fresh intake of students each year, the course will combine two modules in Year A and two in Year B, with the order in which Years A and B are taken being interchangeable.

The Ministry Training Academy will involve students in one full day’s study a week, comprising a morning session of lectures, with the afternoon being given over to a ‘preaching lab’, where students would be helped to develop their preaching/teaching skills.

The one day a week given over to the Ministry Training Academy will be a day of concentrated study and instruction. 3 hours will be allocated to both the morning and the afternoon sessions, with an hour’s lunch break in the middle of the day: such a 6-hour day of study will be indicative of our concern to maximise the training opportunity being provided. The day will run from 9:30am and finish at 4:30pm.

The two modules each year will each run for 16 weeks, creating a 32-week student year spread over a September-June period. The programme for the two modules might look something like this:

Module 1

12 weeks’ teaching (September-December, with two weeks half term)


Christmas Break


4 weeks' teaching

Module 2

7 weeks’ teaching (February-March)


Easter Break


9 weeks’ teaching (April-June, with two weeks half term)

Curriculum Outline

Principles of Exposition: Handling the Bible in Pastoral Ministry

David Gibson

Preaching from Narrative (Old & New Testament)

Duncan Ryan

Hebrews and Biblical Theology

Jeremy McQuoid

Eat the scroll – Preaching from the Bible’s Prophetic Literature

Jeremy Middleton

Genuine Gospel Ministry

Duncan Ryan

The Tree of Life: Preaching from the Bible’s Wisdom and Poetic Literature

David Gibson

Malachi – The Last Word in Old Testament Theology

Jeremy Middleton

Preaching from New Testament Epistles

Jeremy McQuoid

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